Virtual Recording

The FullFat Horns have a state of the art, fully equipped recording studio.

Send us your tracks, we record and send you back HQ Wavs. A quick an affordable way to get great sounding Horns on your tunes. 

Email us for audio examples,  Previous clients include XL Records, Channel 4, and many unsigned acts. 

Equipment List:


2 x Neve 1073 
2 x API 512c  
2 x Universal Audio 2-610
8 x Metric Halo uln-8 with preamp emulations


1 X Drawmer 1968
1 x Distressor el8xs


2 X Harrison 32 eq
API 550b


Metric Halo uln-8


Neumann u87
Brauner Phanthera
Akg c414
Sennheiser md441
Neumann Km184
Shure sm81
electrovoice RE20
Shure sm57 beta
Shure sm58 beta
Shure Beta 52
Cascade Fathead two
Cad M9 Tube Mic
Beyer M160/130
Sennheiser md421


Focal Twin 6be
Genelec 8030's and 7050b sub

The Full Fat Horns