13/01/13 Guanabera - Kita Steuar Samba Transatlantico

15/12/12 Recording for Memphis Industries new Act Elephant

30/10/12 Playing with U.S band The Walkmen Village Underground

11/10/12 Chris , Jake and John with The Walkmen at Kentish Town Forum

03/07/12 Jake features with Beth Rowley at Colston Hall

02/07/12 Carl Records the new La Roux Album

30/06/12 Captain SKA - Hootenanny Brixton

29/02/12 Guanabera with Kita Steur Samba

24/02/12 Dance show at ExCel centre - with the amazing ZUMBA band from Miami

17/11/11 RockSchool - Recording session withfull section , been booked in for a weeks recording for the fabulous Rockschool new series coming out next year.

15/09/11 Maroon Town New Music - Video featuring Carl and Jake check it out Here

11/09/11 Klezmer in The Park - Matzoh Boys , Jake plays with this great Klezmer band at Regent's park festival. 

14/08/11 Maroon Town Hootenanny show

30/08/11 Rhythm Festival - Playing with Maroon Town

09/07/11 North Sea Jazz Festival Saravasoul - Chris playing a gig with this ace Brazilian Funk Band

01/02/11 Channel 4 The Morgana Tune - Jake Playing trumpet on the theme tune

20/10/10 RockSchool Recording - Paul Simon's Late in the Evening 

20/10/09 The Crypt London, With Maroon Town

22/10/09 POLOMA FAITH - Live from Abbey Road Channel 4
Spent a nice day in Abbey road studio 1 with the full band doing Horns for the channel 4 broadcast.

19/09/09 DUTCH X FACTOR Recording - Recording album for the winner - Lisa

15/09/09 FREINDLY FIRES - Brit Nomination - Jake is playing on the tune "In the Hospital"

20/08/09 GANDA BOYS - BBC band from Moses Jones. We are playing a show at the Almeida in Islington for the Ganda Boys

We're back in central asia for just over a week, played the final concert in the the capital square to over 20,000 Tajiks , great gig!

12/06/09 Mickey Moonlight - Recording Horns for new Album, can't wait to hear results

01/05/09 POLOMA FAITH - Radio 2 live Broadcast

01/03/09 VICTOR HUGO SALSA ORCHESTRA - Jake playing with Victor's nice Orchestra for a few shows at Bar Salsa

29/09/08 BONEY M
The horns have been booked to back up 80's pop act BONEY M on 25th October in Wolverhampton

20/09/08 MAROON TOWN New album
We have been been in the studio with Ska Hip Hop act Maroon Town.

08/06/08 TOUR of Tajikistan with Maroon Town
We are off to Tajikistan with Maroon Town, and are bringing our good friend and ace trumpeter Steve Chadwick with us.

We will be playing for this fantastic Salsa band at their Album Launch in Bournmouth

18/02/08 Vampire Weekend , Radio1 session
Our second appearance on the Colin Murray show, backing US band Vampire Weekend. Was a fun session, playing crazy string arrangements on brass!

05/02/08 Friendly Fire Trumpet
Jake has just done a new single for electro punk act the friendly fires, to be released on Island Records

21/01/08 Official Secrets Act
We will be featured on the forcoming Official Secrets Act EP to be released on WARP

15/01/08 The Go Team - Live Radio 1 session
A nice start to the new year, The Fullfat Horns have just recorded a fantastic live session with The Go Team - for Colin Murrays evening show

02/12/07 Masque of the Red Death
The Horns will be supporting acts such as Will Young, and Jazzy M at the BAC. show running Dec - April

01/08/07 Channel 4 Chancer's
We are soon to work with Chanel 4 chancers Joshua Newell on his new EP

02/05/07 Flugel for Roberta Howlett
Jake is doing a some smooth flugel work for pop diva Roberta Howlett.

01/04/07 Carl and the Mitchel Brothers
Carl has been asked to work on another Mike Skinner project , The Mitchel brothers.

01/02/07 Jake will be working with Indie band Bricolage
on their new single to be released in the summer on Memphis industries.

12/12/06 Fullfat Horns will be featuring on the next album to be recorded by The Streets.
Mike Skinner apparently has big plans for this one. loads of instrumental, and horn parts. We are looking forward to it!

02/08/06 Gig and UK tour with Culture Club
Jake and Carl have successfully auditioned as the new Horn Section for 80s pop group Culture Club! The band are reuniting after a long time apart. First gig in soho club Too 2 Much 14th August. Tour to start in December.

15/07/06 Summer Festivals - Absentee
The Section will be performing at some of the nice summer festivals with Absentee: including Isle of Wight Bestival, End of the The Road, Summer Sundae , and Secret Gardens, come say hello if you're there.

01/07/06 Barcelona gig with Maroon Town

05/06/06 Tour To Turkmenistan with Maroon Town
We are very pleased to announce that we are off to Turkmenistan in central Asia, with the Ska/ Hip Hop act Maroon Town. Very Excited about this as MT are the first western act to perform there, and its 45 C at the moment!

14/05/06 European tour with Absentee
We will be performing in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, with Indie band Absentee.

The Fullfat Horns at the BAC
The Fullfat Horns at the BAC